Huawei s tablet tragedy: a number shows the true extent of its decline

Huawei s tablet tragedy: a number shows the true extent of its decline

Huawei's crash doesn't just affect smartphones. The Chinese manufacturer, once so used to success, has also had to give up a lot of tablets when it comes to tablets. In the third quarter of 2021, Huawei made a huge loss. Only a tablet manufacturer can resist the downturn.

Lots of losers, just one winner: if you wanted to summarize the tablet market in the third quarter of 2021, you could leave it at these five words. One loser with a particularly big minus was Huawei .

Tablet market: Huawei and Amazon are big losers

The Chinese market share has shrunk by more than half. While Huawei was able to point to a market share of 11.5 percent for tablets shipped in the same quarter of the previous year, it is only 6.6 percent 12 months later. The bottom line is a huge minus of 50.9 percent (source: Canalys)

The two new MatePads, which Huawei also brought to Germany in the summer of this year and are based on HarmonyOS (see video below), could not stop the downward trend in the tablet market.

A similar gloomy picture emerges at Amazon : The market share of Fire tablets has shrunk from 11.3 percent to 7.4 percent in deliveries - a decrease of 44.5 percent compared to the third quarter of 2020. Samsung also has struggling with losses, albeit on a much smaller scale. The South Koreans still deliver the most Android tablets with 19.1 percent. Lenovo was at least able to increase overall sales slightly.

What's next with Apple?

Not affected by all the problems: Apple . With a market share of over 40 percent in tablet deliveries, the Californians have once again secured the gold medal with their iPads. Since Apple had to throttle the iPad production in favor of the iPhone 13, the following quarters could look less rosy for the US company.


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