How to see the battery temperature on your Xiaomi

In this new tutorial, you will learn to see the battery temperature of your Xiaomi phone in two ways. In itself, we will show a method that consists of installing a third-party app, and another, using a hidden menu in MIUI .

[Method # 1] How to display the battery temperature on a Xiaomi or Redmi

As we have said, this method will consist of installing the Battery Temperature application . And ... why this app? Well, when activating «Start monitoring», it will always show the current temperature from the status bar.

In addition, you can place alerts when the temperature exceeds a limit. You can configure this limit within the app from Settings ⏩ Warning temperature.

battery temperature xiaomi

Remember that the temperature should NOT reach or exceed 40 ° C for too long, as it could seriously affect the battery life of your Xiaomi, Redmi, POCO or any other Android phone, degrading the duration in your day-to-day life.

[Method # 2] How to see the temperature of the battery of my Xiaomi, without installing any app!

In this case, the CIT menu or the Hardware Test Menu would be used , then, you would have to access it by dialing the number * # * # 6485 # * # *, or go to Settings ⏩ My device ⏩ All the specifications, and quickly press "Kernel Version" 5 times in a row.

Once inside you will have to go to the Battery capacity option (number 40) , because there, is where you will see the current temperature of the battery in addition to the percentage of charge it currently has. In this case the temperature of the battery is at 28 degrees real and the charge level is at 87%.


We emphasize again, your battery cannot be at 40 ° C for long. Therefore, if your mobile overheats it is better to turn it off for a few hours or use a fan to dissipate the heat.

These warming, are more noticeable when summer arrives, or when we are playing or charging the phone at the same time we use it.

Remember that your phone has a system which will make your phone turn off if it detects that the temperature has risen , although it is never too much, to have it controlled with an application like the one we have shown you.

You can also see the charge cycles that your battery currently has, for this you can see the following article, where we explain it in depth ( see article )


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