Get the Samsung Galaxy S21 for 340 euros - with free 4K TV

Get the Samsung Galaxy S21 for 340 euros - with free 4K TV

At Samsung, the "Black Weeks" were heralded long before the official start of Black Friday and there is a very special offer there. You can effectively secure a Samsung Galaxy S21 with 256 GB of internal storage for only 340 euros. We'll tell you how this is possible in this article.

Samsung Galaxy S21 with free 4K TV

Even before Black Friday, Samsung is making a really good offer in a 2-for-1 promotion. The Samsung Galaxy S21 with 256 GB is sold for only 799 euros. You can choose a second product for free. The 43-inch 4K TV from Samsung is currently valued at 458.85 euros. Since you get the TV for free, you can subtract the value from the 799 euros you have to pay for the Galaxy S21, resulting in an effective price of a mere 340.15 euros ( see it at Samsung).

You only have to select the Galaxy S21 on the special page from Samsung and, as an encore, the television. You only pay 799 euros for both:

For whom is it worth buying from Samsung?

Ideally, you get the Samsung Galaxy S21 and the TV when you really need both devices . This gives you the greatest savings compared to what you would have to pay if you bought both devices separately. If you don't need a TV, you can of course choose other devices as an encore.

In the video we show you the special features of the Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone:

The new Galaxy Watch 4 goes perfectly with the Samsung Galaxy S21 . As an encore, you can choose from the normal version or the classic. So you get both together for only 799 euros and save almost 300 euros if you choose the 46 mm model (check it out at Samsung). The size and color can still be selected via "Configure". The same applies to the smartphone.

Samsung has many other combinations to offer. Just have a look at the special page and secure the deals.


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