Galaxy Watch 4: Samsung Smartwatch cheaper at Saturn

Galaxy Watch 4: Samsung Smartwatch cheaper at Saturn

The bargain season really starts again: Saturn is currently lowering the prices on Samsung's new Galaxy Watch 4 (Classic). You can still secure the smartwatch for a cheaper price until November 30th, 2021 - we will show you the three most exciting models.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 buy cheap

With the Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung has its youngest smartwatch model on the market and is considered the best Android smartwatch for years. The main reasons for this are the increased graphics performance and a more efficient processor. The latter is specially integrated for the always-on display and ensures that your Samsung Watch 4 can last up to 40 hours. In addition to highlights such as IP68 certification for dust and water protection, the Watch 4 also impresses with its versatile fitness and health functions.

But the Samsung Smartwatch is also visually impressive: the cheapest model for a reduced price of 259 euros comes with a chic and minimalist design, slim aluminum frame and fluororubber strap - optionally in black, silver and green. At Saturn you are currently saving another 13 percent compared to the RRP for all variants until November 30th, 2021 .

The most important features include:

Super AMOLED display Gorilla Glass DX touchscreen Wear OS (Google) 1.5 GB RAM 16 GB internal memory (7.6 GB free) Android-compatible Bluetooth 5.0 WLAN ambient light sensor Heart rate sensor Integrated GPS module waterproof to IP68

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic in the Saturn offer

If you value a classic watch design, you should take a look at the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic: Here, Samsung has combined its smart functions with a stylish dial design and relies on a high-quality stainless steel case. At Saturn you are currently getting the reduced price of 349 euros instead of 399 euros in black or silver.

The associated Ridge Sport Band is suitable for everyone who wants to use the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic for intensive fitness sessions or outdoor activities - including step counting, calorie meter and blood pressure sensor. You can also use the Watch 4 to track exactly how good or bad your sleep is and, if necessary, improve it with the help of the automatic tips.

Galaxy Watch 4 Classic with LTE

Practical, especially for sports: For everyone who wants to be mobile with their smartwatch regardless of the connected smartphone and all around, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is also available in the LTE edition. The same equipment applies here as for the model with Bluetooth and WLAN - but thanks to eSIM support you can also make calls and send SMS, and you can also use apps without a smartphone. You can find the cheapest offer at Saturn at a price of 449 euros including shipping. You can also get more details about the smartwatch and other Galaxy Watch 4 deals directly from Saturn.


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