Galaxy S22: Samsung s biggest dream seems to be bursting

Galaxy S22: Samsung s biggest dream seems to be bursting

With the Galaxy S22, Samsung finally wanted to show what the South Korean company can really do. Apple in particular should be put in its place. Now the dream of a smartphone processor with an AMD graphics unit seems to be bursting.

Samsung Galaxy S22 should only appear with Qualcomm processor

This information shocks even the most important Samsung insiders. Allegedly, the South Korean company is to bring the upcoming Galaxy S22 smartphones only with processors from Qualcomm on the market. That would be a very unusual step and it wasn't even expected in dreams so far. It currently seems to be true:

Even the Samsung insider "Ice Universe" can hardly believe it and immediately got in touch with his contacts to find out more about the topic. In fact, the Galaxy S22 with the Exynos 2200 and AMD GPU should actually still exist and should come onto the market in a few regions . He also reports that the reason would not be problems with the processor itself, but the shortage of chips:

It was speculated immediately whether the new Exynos chip with AMD GPU might cause problems. In fact, the shortage of chips is the reason why Samsung cannot rely so heavily on its own Exynos processor and therefore has to switch to the Snapdragon 898 from Qualcomm - which Samsung also manufactures itself. That of course makes the whole situation even more curious. Anyone who has not concluded long-term contracts and placed high pre-orders is left on dry land.

In the video you can find out what else Samsung is up to:

Samsung Galaxy S22: a smartphone with compromises?

Of course, it would be a shame if Samsung didn't bring the Galaxy S22 to Germany with an Exynos chip and AMD GPU. This processor is finally a real innovation. But the Galaxy S22 will only be a minor upgrade anyway and the Snapdragon 898 will also be an excellent processor. Nevertheless, Samsung is now showing how hard the chip crisis is affecting the global corporation , which at least builds chips itself.


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