Galaxy A53: Samsung breaks tradition with the best seller of mobile phones

Galaxy A53: Samsung breaks tradition with the best seller of mobile phones

So far, only high-end smartphones like the Galaxy S21 from Samsung have had to live with compromises in terms of equipment, while the middle class has been spared certain decisions. That will change in the coming year with the Galaxy A53.

Samsung Galaxy A53 does without a 3.5 mm jack connector

The 3.5 mm jack connection is retained in the entry-level and mid-range. So far, Samsung has followed this unwritten law. That will change with the Galaxy A53 and probably all other Android smartphones from the South Korean group in 2022. The 3.5 mm jack connector has already been removed from the top models. This procedure is now being extended to the middle class, as confirmed by the source, which created render images based on CAD drawings :

Samsung only slightly changes the design of the Galaxy A53 compared to the Galaxy A52. It is noticeable, for example, that the main camera has a much softer finish on the back. The curves are much larger so that the camera hump no longer looks so big . But it basically remains with the arrangement of the cameras.

The biggest change concerns the 3.5 mm jack that is no longer available. It is not clear to us why Samsung is removing this. The Galaxy A52 was already waterproof, so that can hardly count as a reason. If the power supply is missing in the scope of delivery, as is the case with the top smartphones, many customers will not like it at all .

For comparison in the video : The Samsung Galaxy A52 5G in the test:

Samsung Galaxy A53 expected in mid-March

The Samsung Galaxy A52, A52 5G and A72 were officially unveiled in mid-March 2021. If Samsung sticks to the rhythm, the Galaxy A53 should be unveiled in March 2022. Then probably together with the Galaxy A73. It is not known whether there will be a special 5G version. Allegedly, Samsung wants to make 5G the standard . There will also be an Exynos processor with an AMD GPU. Since there is still likely to be a shortage of chips, all of this is currently not really certain.


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