Free instead of 7.99 euros: The right professional app for iPhone and iPad

Free instead of 7.99 euros: The right professional app for iPhone and iPad

You really shouldn't think twice, because the popular ACDSee Pro is currently available for a short time - the absolute professional classic among the camera and photo apps for iPhone and iPad - free of charge in the Apple App Store. We can save just under 8 euros.

What offer. ACDSee Pro normally costs a full 7.99 euros, but currently we don't pay anything. With this offer, we don't have to accept advertising or deceitful in-app purchases - free is really free.

ACDSee Pro for iPhone and iPad free instead of 7.99 euros

Many users are probably familiar with ACDSee for the desktop (Mac and PC), but the provider also has mobile applications up its sleeve. ACDSee Pro combines a powerful camera app with numerous editing functions . Below is a brief overview of some of the features:

Camera: Innovative camera that lets you take better photos. Special recording methods, video recording, manual control for exposure / focus / white balance, effects and corrections in real time, multiple flash modes, separate exposure and focus points, 6x digital zoom, horizon line and more.

Edit: Powerful photo editor to perfect your photos. Make adjustments and apply effects. Add light leaks. Adjust shadows, exposure, contrast, white balance, saturation, vibrancy, sharpness and more. Crop, rotate, mirror, straighten your photos. Non-destructive editing.

Collage: Convenient to use collage maker to share your memories. Quickly combine multiple photos into a single image that is easy to share. You can choose from more than 100 layouts. Staple photos together in vertical and horizontal strips.

How good is the app?

The app can be used equally for iPhone and iPad (from iOS 11 onwards) and with around 95 MB it is not overly space-hungry. Noteworthy: The app is updated regularly, most recently only a few days ago to version 4.5.1. So we're not being hailed as an "app corpse", but rather a professional app that is still up-to-date, although some users here and there would like a major overhaul.

Nevertheless, previous buyers are satisfied, because ACDSee Pro currently shines with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 possible stars in the App Store. By the way: There is also a standard version of ACDSee for the iPhone, but it is currently not free and costs 1.99 euros. Important: Check the price again before downloading ACDSee Pro, as we unfortunately don't know how long the app will be free.


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