Dreame V12 Pro: an efficient vacuum cleaner with insane power

When it comes to efficient and powerful devices, Dreame is, without a doubt, a brand that has proven that it knows what it does . Now, it does it again with the Dreame V12 Pro , an ideal cordless vacuum cleaner for all those who love cleaning, standing out for its 160,000 rpm motor .

SueƱo V12 Pro

Dreame V12 Pro handheld vacuum

It can be taken, likewise, as an elegant solution, counting, likewise, with an essential and sober design; As for the color, we find it in a dark gray, being the only one in which we can choose the device. Its engine is renewed, being a SPACE 6.0 capable of reaching a speed of 160,000rpm and a suction power of 32KPA . With this, the dust collection is done in a better way even on carpets.

As you would expect, this vacuum cleaner has several accessories to improve or personalize cleaning at home , such as a crevice nozzle, a mite brush, an extension for higher areas ...

Dream V12 Pro

The device is complemented with a 7-cell 2,700 mAh battery, which translates into an autonomy of up to 85 minutes ; It also has a complete filtration system, a fairly light rod, made of carbon fiber and an LCD screen, where we can choose modes and view the state of the charge.

  • Full charge of this Dreame V12 handheld vacuum takes 4 hours

The new dreame vacuum cleaner has a total weight of only 1.6Kg , since its body is made of fiber. While the capacity of the garbage container is 500ml and has a button to avoid having to stain when performing this function.

dreame v12 vacuum cleaner

What is the price and availability of the Dreame V12 Pro vacuum?

The Dreame V12 vacuum cleaner is now available for shipment to Europe on AliExpress, with an introductory price of € 307 .

See Dreame V12 Pro handheld vacuum cleaner

Dreame V12 Pro | AliExpress Singles Day


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