{Disarmed} This is why your mobile will consume less battery when 5G is deployed

This is why your mobile will consume less battery when 5G is deployed

Despite the fact that your smartphone claims to connect to the 5G network, this is not really the one that offers all the advantages of technology, such as higher speed and lower latency.

There are many differences between the different types of network

Currently, the 5G NSA or "Non Stand Alone" is used. This means that it is based on 4G , that is, on existing antennas and not on the new technology with which many changes come in the world of wireless connections.

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If we go back a couple of years, we had to retune the TV channels because of 5G . This event occurred because some channels were using frequencies that will be used soon in the deployment of the 5G SA , Stand Alone.

The equipment that is integrated in the 4G antennas offer a worse management of the devices, distributing the signal in a much less efficient way . However, the management of new devices is more efficient, faster and with a shorter response time due to the fact that the connection is much more complex.

For the 5G NSA network to work, it is necessary that our smartphone is in contact with the 4G antenna, this in turn with the 4G equipment and, finally, with the 5G antenna . However, with the 5G network, the connection between the antenna and the module that offers it is direct.


Simplifying the connection will consume fewer resources , although on your smartphone you will hardly notice differences since when the change occurs, your mobile will connect to another antenna, but you will notice greater autonomy.

How to turn off 5G to use less battery on your Android or iPhone
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How to turn off 5G to use less battery on your Android or iPhone

In case you want to save battery, you can change the settings of your device that does not connect to the 5G network and limit it to the 4G network. All mobiles that connect to the 5G network today will also be able to do so when the network is fully deployed.

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