Balanced and Performance modes: what they are and how to activate them on your Xiaomi

The latest MIUI updates have brought our Xiaomi, Redmi and POCO two new modes that allow us to choose the operating mode internally. We are talking about Balanced and Performance modes .

The Balanced mode allows us to optimize energy consumption without giving up any functionality (which is the case with the energy saving mode). As its name suggests, this new mode tries to balance a good user experience with energy savings translated into greater autonomy.

In Performance mode, on the other hand, it makes the most of the hardware of our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO , offering the user its maximum potential without taking into account the energy consumption or the increase in the temperature of the device.

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By default, the Balanced mode is usually the one that is activated on our smartphones . From this we can change to Performance or Energy (battery saving mode) according to our use preferences and needs.

How to activate Balanced or Performance mode on your Xiaomi

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To activate the Balanced, Performance or Energy mode in your Xiaomi, it will be enough to follow the steps detailed below:

  • Go to Settings> Battery and performance
  • Once inside we can choose the mode we want: Energy, Balanced or Performance

Thanks to these we can optimize the operation and autonomy of our Xiaomi: if we need to save the maximum battery we will choose " Energy ", while if we want to play we will activate " Performance ". For day to day, " Balanced " will be the best option.

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