Apple stops selling: these customers get nothing

Apple stops selling: these customers get nothing

Apple is taking drastic measures and is immediately stopping the sale of iPhone, iPad, Mac and Co. in Turkey. Customers are currently no longer getting anything from the Californian manufacturer. The reason: the massive crash in the domestic currency.

The Turkish lira has been in free fall for years, now the currency loss has picked up again in the last few days, inflation is around 20 percent. Reason enough for Apple to pull the rip cord and stop selling all products in Turkey with immediate effect (source: MacRumors).

Apple no longer accepts payments in Turkey

The Apple Online Store in Turkey is currently still available and functional, but none of the products can currently be added to the shopping cart. Apple then knows that payment is currently impossible. Ergo: The sale is stopped immediately. Apple is currently keeping a low profile as to how long the sales ban should apply.

Our assumption: In order to avoid losses, the manufacturer will soon be able to massively increase the prices of all products. But in such a dynamic situation, this could only be a solution for a short time. If Turkey does not stop the decline of its own currency, Apple could possibly consider even more drastic steps in the end.

A crash was inevitable

As the Handelsblatt reports, President Recep Tayyip Erdogans is responsible for the most recent crash (minus 15 percent) . Its campaign for lower interest rates is currently riding the economy deeper into the crisis. Erdogan has cut interest rates from 18 to 15 percent since September, while inflation, as already mentioned, rose to 20 percent - a catastrophic spiral.

Currently not available for customers in Turkey - the iPhone 13 (in the video ):

In addition to the global chip crisis, Apple and other international providers are now joined by a solid currency crisis in Turkey. At least the first-mentioned dilemma should resolve itself in the second half of the year. However, it is far from certain whether the further decline in the Turkish lira can be stopped.


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