Apple s new charger: even NASA is trumped

Apple s new charger: even NASA is trumped

The new MacBook Pro comes with a USB-C charger that really packs a punch. Even NASA can be outdone in one area: When Apollo 11 landed on the moon, there was less memory available than Apple allowed the charger.

Apple's charger: More RAM than Apollo 11

Together with the new MacBook Pro (2021), which is available in a 14- and 16-inch version, there is also a USB-C charger (partly optional) that Apple includes in the package. This can supply the MacBook Pro with 140 watts - but some RAM was also thought of during manufacture. Although the end of the flagpole is reached here at 36 kilobytes, Apple can win a strange-looking comparison (source: ChargerLAB on YouTube).

When the Apollo 11 lunar module made its way to our satellite with three astronauts in 1969, things looked very different in terms of computing power. At that time, just 4,096 bytes or around four kilobytes were enough to enable Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to take their first walk on the moon. The control module of the lunar module did not need more to bring the astronauts safely to the earth companion.

More about the new MacBook Pro (2021) with the processors M1 Pro and M1 Max in the video :

Almost 100 watt hours of battery power in the MacBook Pro (2021)

Apart from the main memory, the performance of the charger for the new MacBook Pro is impressive. In the 16-inch version of the notebook, it amounts to 99.6 watt hours. The smaller one is 69.6 watt hours.

Compared to its direct predecessors , Apple was able to increase the battery life by around 7 or 10 hours. According to Apple, the 14-inch MacBook Pro lasts up to 11 hours of surfing via WLAN with high brightness, and even 14 hours for the larger model.


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