Apple s electric car is becoming a reality: the key component is ready

Apple s electric car is becoming a reality: the key component is ready

Is it coming or not? Apple's plans for its own electric car seem to keep changing, but now there is probably the decisive breakthrough in one of the most important components. One thing is certain: Apple's electric car will actually become a reality.

Apple has been working on its own electric car since 2014, and the secret project has gone through several stages since then, and was at times already considered buried. But now one thing is certain: it will actually happen. Because Apple is resuming its work and wants to develop a fully autonomous vehicle. According to a current report, the key to success is already finished, the milestone has been reached (source: Bloomberg).

Apple's chip for the electric car is ready

As a result , Apple has already completed the major work on the chip that will power the first car . Mark Gurman from Bloomberg writes:

"The Apple car chip is the most advanced component that Apple has developed in-house and consists mainly of neural processors that can handle the artificial intelligence required for autonomous driving. The capabilities of the chip mean that it will overheat and will likely require the development of an ingenious cooling system. "

Apple has to hurry, even the German automobile manufacturers are currently catching up, as you can see in the video of the latest VW e-car:

The focus is on the self-driving car. According to the report, Apple would prefer to do without the steering wheel and pedals, but in the end it has to be willing to compromise. That's why Apple is still discussing the integration of a steering wheel. This may be necessary so that people can still take the wheel in an emergency. An iPad-like tablet could arguably be in the middle of the vehicle with which passengers can then interact, the report said. The basic design is chosen so that passengers can face each other. There is a good reason for this, as Gurman notes:

"The hope is to develop a vehicle that will save customers from fatigue on long journeys. But building a real car - for an automotive outsider like Apple - requires partnerships. The company has held discussions with several manufacturers and is considering possibly building the vehicle in the United States. "

The latest draft of an Apple electric car could already be pretty close to reality:

Apple's schedule is under pressure

Apple would like to present its own electric car as early as 2025 - a tight schedule for such an advanced vehicle. Should the company not achieve its sporting goals, Apple could also postpone the market launch or end up selling a technically less advanced car .


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