After Huawei said goodbye: Honor has to prove itself with this mobile phone

After Huawei said goodbye: Honor has to prove itself with this mobile phone

With the Honor 60, 60 Pro and 60 SE, three new 5G cell phones from China are just around the corner. In addition to a teaser video and some details about the equipment, the start date is no longer a secret. Google apps are included - unlike Huawei. Won't it be a Huawei copy this time?

Honor 60: Presentation planned for December 1st

The former Huawei subsidiary Honor would like to sell the successor shortly after the Honor 50 series. According to official information, the presentation will take place on December 1, 2021 . The three cell phones will be available for purchase on the same day - at least in the Chinese home market. A publication in this country is also to be expected, just like with the Honor 50. Since Honor is not affected by Huawei's US ban, Google apps and services are preinstalled on the mobile phone.

So far, some details about the three cell phones have come to light, but some questions remain unanswered. The display of the Pro model is rounded on the sides and a quadruple camera awaits on the back. No information is available yet on the performance of the cameras.

The situation is different with the battery: The Honor 60 Pro should apparently have a battery with 4,500 mAh, which can be quickly recharged with up to 100 watts . With the standard version of the smartphone, a strong 66 watts can also be assumed, as entries from the Chinese certification authority suggest. The Honor 60 SE can be charged with 40 watts (source: Weibo via MySmartPrice).

According to the official video , astro photography is possible with the Honor 60 phones:

Honor 60 with Snapdragon and MediaTek processor

For the Pro and Standard versions, Honor will again use a Snapdragon processor, possibly the Snapdragon 870 . The SE variant, on the other hand, should again be equipped with a SoC from MediaTek. We will then find out more details and prices on December 1st. Then we will also know whether Honor is really as independent from Huawei as has been claimed so far. The Honor 50 was basically a Huawei phone.


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