Xiaomi Imagery Awards 2021, if you are given photography this is your moment

The Xiaomi Imagery Awards 2021 is one of the most important international photographic events of the Asian company Xiaomi . If you are interested in photography and you have a device from the brand, then this is your time to win amazing prizes and let the world see your talent .

This event emerged in 2019 under the name of ' ShotByMi Photography Challenge ', and was responsible for bringing together more than 167,000 color-focused photographic works from 200 countries . Now the contest changes its name, although it keeps intact its theme of " Your vision, your story ."

Show the world your happy moments

On this occasion, Xiaomi invites all its fans to use the company's devices to share a fragment of their perspectives. The recent edition of the Xiaomi Imagery Awards 2021, which began on September 30 , invites its participants to capture photos and / or videos of their happy moments .

Xiaomi Imagery Awards 2021, si se te da la fotografía este es tu momento

Participants can enter the official link of the event to upload photos that reflect those unique and unrepeatable details that they consider happy moments. As of this writing, there are over 150,000 entries from 191 regions in the world .

Contest rules

For a photograph or video to apply, they must be governed by the rules of the contest. First of all, all uploaded material must come from and be edited from a Redmi or Xiaomi phone . In this new edition POCO phones are not included .

Each participant may upload a total of 20 photographs . For videos, they can only upload a maximum of 5 videos . Photographs must have a weight between 300K - 50M and be in PNG or JPG format , while videos cannot exceed 500MB and be in MP4 format .

Estos son todos los Xiaomi que cuentan con cámara teleobjetivo y zoom óptico (2021). Noticias Xiaomi A

Lastly, the videos must not exceed one minute in length . On the other hand, photographs must contain EXIF specifications , that is, date and time information, camera settings, location information, and copyright information.

Contest evaluation

The material of the participants will be evaluated by a jury that brings together the best of the professional world of photography: the landscaper Max Rive , the creators of the Mango Street portal ; dedicated to providing tutorials on photography and filmography, and Italian photographer Mattia Passarini .

Jury Xiaomi Imagery Awards 2021
Members of the Xiaomi Imagery Awards 2021 jury

The Xiaomi Imagery Awards 2021 event is divided into two sections, which in turn are divided into two rounds. The first section corresponds to the photograph with the best votes .

  • Round number 1 : At this stage, the " Likes " that other participants give to the photographs and videos of the competition will be taken into account. From the round, 10 photos and 30 videos will be chosen that will go on to the second round.
  • Round 2: At this stage the final result will be determined by the votes of the Xiaomi community fans. Here 3 videos and a photograph will be chosen as the favorites of the year. The authors will receive a certificate of appreciation , a Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro and their creations will be able to be exhibited in the Mi Store stores of their locations.

The jury's choice

The second section corresponds to the jury's decision. Here a first batch of 200 participants will be chosen by the jury of the event and also by the Xiaomi Marketing team, who will take into account different photographic parameters for the selection.

Subsequently, the jury will choose 11 lucky winners from the batch of 200 participants. These 11 winners will be assigned a grade ranging from 1 to 5 to determine their place in the qualifier .

Of course, the first place takes the jackpot, which consists of 5,000 US dollars (about 4,320 euros to change). The other 10 winners take a certificate of appreciation and a Xiaomi Mi 11 device.

As you can see, the contest is an excellent opportunity for those who love photography and fans of Xiaomi. The call to participate will remain open until November 30 . If it catches your eye, don't hesitate to participate and show the world what you are capable of with the mobile camera.

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