WhatsApp takes a break from voice messages

WhatsApp takes a break from voice messages

WhatsApp is constantly being expanded to include new functions that optimize the messenger bit by bit and bring it to the level of the competition. It has now been announced that voice messages will soon be able to take a break - in the truest sense of the word.

WhatsApp: Voice messages have a pause function

WhatsApp seems to be busy with the voice messaging function to make it easier to use. We only recently learned that a global player was being launched. So you can listen to long voice messages and continue chatting on WhatsApp at the same time. In addition, voice messages should soon be able to be converted into text if they cannot be listened to in a situation. Voice messages are now given a pause function (source: WABetaInfo).

So far it has been possible to record a voice message in WhatsApp. If something doesn't work, you have to restart the recording from the beginning. In the future it will be so that you can pause the recording . If something important doesn't occur to you or you can't find the words you need at the moment, you can take a short break and then just keep recording the message.

The new function is supposed to prevent you from sending infinitely long messages . This makes you a little freer and no longer put under so much pressure to have everything ready in a short time. Both the sender and the recipient benefit from this. If the result does not suit you, the recording can of course be deleted and restarted as before.

We also show the best WhatsApp alternatives in the video :

New WhatsApp function currently under development

As is so often the case, the new function is currently only in development. However, it should initially be made available to beta testers in the foreseeable future and then appear later for all platforms that are still supported. Depending on the situation, this can take days, weeks or months. When the new WhatsApp function is available, we will inform you.


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