The new Xiaomi fridge is capable of notifying your mobile if you have left it open

Rapid cooling system, independent compartments, silent doors and efficient sterilization. That is what the new high-end smart fridge presented by Xiaomi has to offer, and that is already available in China.

Xiaomi Mijia Refrigerator Cross Four-Door Exclusive Edition

Xiaomi's new smart refrigerator arrives with multiple novelties that are worth noting. First, it has an efficient sterilization system. It uses positive and negative ions that guarantee an efficiency of 99.9% for two hours .

On the other hand, the Xiaomi Mijia Refrigerator Cross Four-Door Exclusive Edition has seven independent drawers , in such a way that the aromas of the different products do not mix.

Xiaomi Mijia nevera inteligente

Among the behaviors are a dedicated space for mother and babies, one for fresh food and one for moisture-proof food, a place for fruits and vegetables, an area for health and beauty items, a freezer, and a main drawer.

Nevera Inteligente Xiaomi Mijia - 7 cajones independientes

In addition, the smart fridge has a silent door opening and closing system . As an added benefit, the refrigerator can connect with the Mijia app, and control its temperature remotely. In case the doors are open, the refrigerator will notify you on the mobile .

You can also use Xiaomi Xiao Ai personal assistant to configure voice commands. Xiaomi's new smart fridge has a cooling rate increased to 78.7% thanks to its superconducting fast cooling plate. In fact, the refrigerator is capable of taking temperature measurements up to 10 times per second . In addition, it maintains a wide temperature range that goes from 5 ° C to -20 ° C.

Price and where to buy the new Xiaomi smart fridge

Its dimensions are 690 x 910 x 1920 mm , its total energy consumption is 0.79 kWh per day , and its noise level is barely 37 dB . Currently it can only be obtained in China at a price of 5,499 yuan, about 730 euros at the exchange rate.

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