Signal is overtaking WhatsApp with a new feature

Signal is overtaking WhatsApp with a new feature

The Signal messenger app provides users with new functions. In particular, the group calls are drilled out, allowing more participants than with the big competitor WhatsApp. And that comes at just the right time.

Better than WhatsApp: Signal increases group calls

Signal recently announced new features. With an upgrade to the number of participants for group calls, the messenger even puts WhatsApp in the shade. While users can call a maximum of eight people at the same time , Signal is raising the upper limit to 16 participants (source: Signal via Androidcentral).

You don't limit yourself to individual systems. The group calls are available on iPhones as well as on Android smartphones. The desktop version is also supported, so that users can gather together in one call regardless of the operating system or device .

The new, integrated note function is particularly useful. Lists can be created here, short reminders can be saved or links can be copied for later use. There are also customizable stickers.

Signal continues to position itself as an increasingly strong alternative to WhatsApp, not just because it has taken the lead in terms of group calls. Signal recently introduced image delivery in 4K quality and was already ahead of the game in this regard.

Signal and Co. at a glance: You can find the best WhatsApp alternatives in the video :

Innovations at Signal are just right

Signal comes in handy with the changes. For months now, more users have been opening up to the idea of ​​switching from WhatsApp to alternatives. At the beginning of the week, WhatsApp also completely suspended the other Facebook services for several hours.

Group calls with a maximum of eight people at the same time may be sufficient for many users, so a change is not absolutely necessary. But it can also happen that it has to be more. In these cases, Signal is currently the better contact point than WhatsApp - and those who want to call fewer friends and acquaintances can of course still do so.


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