Samsung Galaxy S22: smartphone fans have been waiting for this message

Samsung Galaxy S22: smartphone fans have been waiting for this message

Piece by piece, the puzzle around the Galaxy S22 comes together. Now insiders have revealed when Samsung's next top smartphone can be pre-ordered. This also allows conclusions to be drawn about the official performance date.

Despite strong competition from the iPhone 13, Pixel 6 and the countless Xiaomi smartphones that seem to come onto the market every week, Samsung is taking its time with its next flagship smartphone. In February 2022, according to Insider, the Galaxy S22 will be unveiled. There wasn't more than this rough timeframe - until now.

Samsung Galaxy S22 should be available for pre-order in the second week of February 2022

Samsung is expected to take pre-orders for the Galaxy S22 in the second week of February 2022 (source: FrontPageTech). Specifically, we're talking about the sixth calendar week in 2022, i.e. everything between Monday, February 7th, 2022, and Sunday, February 13th, 2022.

With a little intuition, it can also be deduced from this when Samsung could introduce the Galaxy S22. In the more recent past, the South Koreans' unpacked events took place in the middle of the week and on the day of the presentation or a day later, Samsung enabled pre-orders.

We therefore tap the following:

Galaxy S22 launch : February 8 or 9, 2022 Galaxy S22 pre-order : February 9, 2022

Samsung offers much more than just smartphones and tablets, as we show in this video :

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with a record for display brightness

As with its predecessors, the Samsung Galaxy S22 should appear in three versions. In addition to the standard model, a larger Plus version and a drilled Ultra are expected. According to recent rumors, Samsung has done a lot with the latter and, in addition to a new camera sensor, wants to install the brightest display of all time in a Samsung smartphone. The Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus also have an iPhone 13 design.


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