Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G falling in price: available at Amazon at particularly low prices

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G falling in price: available at Amazon at particularly low prices

Samsung only recently launched the Galaxy A52s 5G. Thanks to an Amazon campaign, you can already get the cell phone at a big discount and therefore at the absolute best price. The competition cannot keep up.

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G: Much cheaper through action

The Galaxy A52 5G hadn't been on the market for a long time when Samsung launched the improved version of the Galaxy A52s 5G out of nowhere. The mid-range cell phone is now available on the market and actually costs 449 euros in the recommended retail price.

At Amazon, however, there is currently a campaign that gives you a discount of 70 euros on this mobile phone. So you end up with only 379 euros (look at Amazon). There are no shipping costs. The reduced price applies to all colors and while stocks last. Since the smartphone is currently extremely popular, you shouldn't hesitate too long. If you buy the smartphone from Amazon, you also get a 30-month guarantee instead of the usual 24 months. Saturn and MediaMarkt charge significantly more with 444 euros.

What Makes the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G So Special?

Samsung has made the Galaxy A52s 5G much more powerful by changing the processor. The Galaxy A52 5G already ran quickly in our test, and now the cell phone should become a real high-flyer .

The many advantages of the smartphone remain unaffected. It is still waterproof and protected against dust, has a high-resolution camera that takes good pictures, a large battery that can be charged quickly, and a large display with 120 Hz. Nobody needs more smartphones .

In the video we show you the previous Samsung Galaxy A52 5G:

What is Samsung's update policy?

As with all newer Samsung smartphones, Samsung's update guarantee applies. Smartphones are provided with large and small Android updates for a total of four years. So it means that with the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G you buy an absolutely future-proof smartphone . It already supports 5G and has been supplied with Android updates for a long time. Here you can rest for the next four years.


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