Samsung flashes off: No preferential treatment for the largest smartphone manufacturer

Samsung flashes off: No preferential treatment for the largest smartphone manufacturer

Samsung has a problem. Not enough smartphones can be built, so popular models are sold out and new devices may not appear at all. That is why the Samsung boss wanted to intervene personally and returned without a sense of achievement.

Qualcomm doesn't prefer Samsung

There is currently a shortage of chips in the world. The corona pandemic and other factors have resulted in a lack of chips in basically every industry. Samsung is also among the victims of this crisis . Smartphones like the Galaxy A52 were sometimes not available at all. Therefore, with the Galaxy A52s, a new model with a different processor was launched on the market to counteract this.

According to The Elec, the Samsung Mobile boss himself traveled to Qualcomm in San Diego twice this year in order to somehow still be able to tap resources there to get processors. But nothing came of it. According to the source, Samsung was flashed off both times with no additional resources . The curious thing is that Samsung itself builds the processors for Qualcomm. Samsung Mobile and Samsung's processor manufacturing are two different companies. Qualcomm has the processors built by Samsung, but Samsung then buys them again from Qualcomm.

The consequence of this is not only poor availability of current models, which we have already mentioned above, but also the delay in the Galaxy S21 FE . Actually, the Samsung smartphone had been presented and launched on the market a long time ago. Now everything looks like Samsung is completely deleting the smartphone. A really difficult year for the South Korean company.

Samsung should step up in this area, as the following video shows:

Samsung Galaxy S22 should come earlier

Meanwhile, rumors are growing that Samsung plans to launch the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra in December to offset the poor sales of the Galaxy S21. Hopefully Samsung has enough resources to do this. The presentation was actually expected in January 2022.


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