Redmi dares a fresh start: Xiaomi s former cheap brand goes its own way

Redmi dares a fresh start: Xiaomi s former cheap brand goes its own way

Redmi wants to distance itself further from Xiaomi. Instead of relying entirely on the Xiaomi MIUI surface, one would like to use a more or less own Android cover. Users can look forward to "unique" functions.

Redmi: Farewell to MIUI is getting closer

There have been some changes recently in the software of Chinese Android phones. Huawei is using its own operating system with HarmonyOS, OnePlus is testing the switch to Oppos ColorOS and now Redmi is also reorienting itself . Xiaomi's former sub-brand is reportedly to forego MIUI in the future.

However, the departure from MIUI at Redmi will not be quite as dramatic as with other manufacturers. According to initial information from China, Redmi would like to use MIUI as the basis for an in-house development. Huge differences are still not to be expected here, because purely functionally there should be great similarities between MIUI and the still nameless Android coating from Redmi (source: Digital Chat Station at Weibo).

With regard to the planned "unique" functions, it is currently only said that these should be limited to graphical differences . Redmi would like to provide its own interface with animations and icons. Here, owners of the respective cell phones have to be prepared for innovations.

The Note 10 Pro from Redmi came onto the market in the spring. Details in the video :

Redmi has not officially commented on the topic that is important for users. A further emancipation from Xiaomi is likely to be the motivation for the change. Since the beginning of 2019, Redmi has been independent from Xiaomi on paper, but both companies continue to work very closely together.

Redmi: No schedule for MIUI switch yet

A schedule for the switch has not yet been communicated. Owners of Redmi cell phones should therefore continue to expect MIUI updates such as the upcoming MIUI 13 in the near future. The Android cover is expected for the Redmi Note 9, Note 10, K30 and K40 series and should be distributed towards the end of the year.


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