Official emergency call app "Nora" withdrawn for the time being

Official emergency call app

If you have an emergency, you normally call 110 or 112 in Germany. The problem with this can be that you either cannot communicate or you don't even know exactly where you are. In that case, the new emergency app "Nora" can save your life. The rush was so great that the apps have now been removed from the app stores.

Nora emergency call app launched in Germany

Update from October 1st, 2021: The Nora app has been removed from the app stores. The technical implementation did not work as expected. Just like with the driver's license app, there were unexpected issues. There was probably massive overloading , as the 110 and 112 emergency numbers were sometimes down. Anyone who already has the Nora app on their smartphone can continue to use it.

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Such a function has so far only been known from modern cars. There is an emergency call button that connects you directly to the control center in order to save valuable time in an emergency during a rescue operation. In the case of an emergency call, the location of the vehicle is shared. This is exactly what is now also available for the smartphone. Together with "Nora", the federal states have developed an emergency call app that is launched today.

With the emergency call app "Nora" you can start an emergency call directly on your smartphone and at the same time share your location with the emergency services . Depending on the type of emergency, you can speak to the emergency department or write via a chat. In special cases, a silent alarm can also be set off, where the emergency center takes particular care and does not call you so as not to put you in additional danger. In that case, you write via a chat with the operations management and all notification tones of the app are automatically deactivated.

Important: If you download the app and want to try it out, you should use the demo mode. You can reach him via the menu on the left. Under no circumstances will it start a real emergency call. This is punishable if there is no real emergency.

Where can I use the "Nora" emergency call app?

The free app is available in 15 of 16 federal states in Germany and can be used immediately. In Berlin, their use still has to be approved . The app does not work there yet. It can also only be used in Germany.


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