How to format a Xiaomi or Redmi phone

Do you have your mobile blocked? Do you need to restore factory settings? Or delete all your files and apps? Then pay close attention, because we will show you how to format a Xiaomi or make it factory reset in a fairly easy and effective way.

Specifically, we will explain 3 different ways to reset a Xiaomi phone; it does not matter if it is a Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 8 or any other. Having said, let's get started!

How to format a Xiaomi or Redmi mobile

Believe it or not, a simple format can solve many errors in your terminal. For example, the unexpected closure of applications , poor and abnormal performance due to the characteristics of the device, camera failures, etc.

IMPORTANT! Before proceeding to reset your Xiaomi you will have to back up the files you have on your mobile . Remember that all the files and applications that you have downloaded will be deleted.

Option 1: Factory reset your Xiaomi

In this case, you can restore the default settings of your mobile, and in turn, permanently delete all the files and applications that you downloaded (only if you wish).

  1. Go to Settings Additional settings Backup and reset
  2. In the Personal data section, click on Factory data reset or delete all data
  3. Enter the phone password, and you will be able to select what you want to delete from your phone (Mi account, applications, files ...)

Option 2: Format a Xiaomi mobile from the settings

This method will be through the recovery mode that you can access as follows:

  1. Go to Settings About phone (or About phone) ⇨ System updates
  2. Once inside go to "More options" and tap on Restart to Recovery mode

Option 3: Hard Reset a Xiaomi

If the operating system of your device is not loaded in any way and you cannot access the previous options, the only thing you have to do is the following:

  1. With your mobile turned off completely, press the power button plus the volume up button at the same time until the icon appears
  2. Now use the volume down button to select the Wipe Data option and press the volume up button (or power button, depending on the model) to enter.
  3. Then choose the Wipe all data option , and confirm again.
  4. Now just select Confirm for your device to start the reset.
  5. Once the Data wiped Succesfully screen appears , you can restart your mobile normally, and you will have it again as it came from the factory 100%


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