Google Maps: Android app activated display of the speed limit

Google Maps: Android app activated display of the speed limit

Google Maps is one of the most popular Android apps in the world. The smartphone boom and this application have contributed to the fact that classic navigation devices have almost disappeared from the market. But Google Maps is not perfect. But there is a possibility to help.

Google Maps: Show speed limit with additional Android app

Google has introduced a practical function in Maps that shows the current speed. While in many countries the currently permitted maximum speed is also shown in the app, this is not the case in Germany. But you can help yourself out with a practical Android app. This adapts to Google Maps visually and shows the current permissible maximum speed in an overlapping manner in addition to the current speed . So you know in every situation how fast you can really drive if you miss the current display in a moment.

Overall, the idea behind this Android app seems very handy. The basic functions are also free . Nevertheless, there are many negative reviews in the Google Play Store because some users are not satisfied. For example, the display should sometimes not work at all or the switching of the maximum permissible speed should happen too slowly. In the end, you just have to try it out and see whether the app is sufficient for your own needs. But one thing should be clear, you can't just rely on the app. If there is a speed limit on the road, then this applies - and not what is in the app. So keep your eyes peeled in traffic and don't take responsibility for a free Android app.

In the video you can see how you can save fuel with Google Maps:

Superfluous in modern cars?

Anyone who owns a modern vehicle will be able to do without this additional function for Google Maps anyway. There the currently valid traffic signs with speed limits are recognized by cameras and shown on the display. So you don't have to rely on an external database and information from users. The additional function is very practical for older vehicles.


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