Free instead of 4.49 euros: This iPhone app helps against boredom

Free instead of 4.49 euros: This iPhone app helps against boredom

Bargain hunters watch out, there is currently a wonderful iPhone app against boredom in Apple's App Store. Time flies by and you even save a whole 4.49 euros. Who wants to think about it for a long time?

Apple users are used to long waiting times. The Californian manufacturer is currently straining the patience of the fans with long delivery times for the iPhone 13 and the Apple Watch 7. If you want to pass the time until delivery, you should check out the wonderfully animated game "Alphaputt" in the App Store .

4.49 euros saved: Free mini golf game for the iPhone

Usually you pay 4.49 euros for this, but not a cent at the moment. What's the matter? The app developers thought we'd just bring typography and mini golf together . Ergo: The letters become unusual playing fields - 30 levels in number, an infinite number of golf courses. Particularly exciting:

"You can create personal golf courses by typing the word you want to play. You can also choose from a selection of pre-generated words. "

Multiplayer with up to 4 players on one device is also possible. The first version of the app originally appeared in autumn 2018, the last update took place last year.

The following video of the game provides a first impression of Alphaputt:

iPad version included

The previous buyers are satisfied, there are currently four out of five possible stars in the App Store . By the way, it doesn't contain any ads or in-app purchases. So the game is really free - don't expect any tricks or double bottoms. Very nice: It's a universal app for iPhone and iPad. Accordingly, users receive an adapted version for the Apple tablet at the same time - at no extra charge.

Important to know: The system requirements are very manageable, because an iPhone or iPad with iOS 10 is all you need. In addition, there should be around 600 MB of storage space , as the app takes up that much. Please check the price before downloading, because it is unfortunately not known how long the offer will be valid and how long the app will be available free of charge.


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