{Disarmed} Xiaomi widgets: how to use them on your mobile and get the most out of them

Xiaomi widgets: how to use them on your mobile and get the most out of them

Widgets are one of the most unknown elements in the Android world. They have been with us since practically the beginning of the operating system, and there are some that can be really useful, but many users are unaware of them.

In itself, MIUI comes with different pre-installed widgets , but these are not the only ones, since the vast majority of apps that you install on your device have their own.

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These are automatically added to the list of widgets , which in short are shortcuts to certain parts of the app, so that at a glance you can access a part of the app without having to open it.

How to add widgets to your Xiaomi screen


To add widgets to any of your mobile screens, you must follow the following steps:

  • Use your thumb and forefinger and drag them on the screen until they touch , making a movement very similar to that of a tweezer.
  • Then, select the " Widgets " section.
  • Next, you will get both the system widgets and the apps you have installed.
  • Hold down one and drag it to where you want to place it on the screen. To go from one screen to another, you just have to place it on the right or left side, depending on where the location is located.
  • Once installed, you can adjust its size , so that you can place other widgets on the same screen and you can see different information at a glance.

The truth is that it is quite simple and really useful once you place the information on the different screens and you can check the calendar, time or pending tasks for the day without having to search for the app.

It should be noted that some widgets must be activated from the app after placing them , these usually show sensitive information such as, for example, the money you have in the bank.

The best free widgets for Android
In Engadget Android
The best free widgets for Android

It is highly recommended that you have an active unlocking method, because if not, if they manage to access the home screen they will be able to access all your information and with the widgets even the one you have locked with a fingerprint.

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