{Disarmed} Huawei: USA is targeting network equipment in Europe again

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Even after four rounds of US sanctions, the US seems to be targeting Huawei and the ZTE infrastructure in Europe again and creating new difficulties for the Chinese manufacturer. A recently introduced bill against Chinese technology manufacturers in the Senate was signed by other senators.

Ted Lieu, a Democratic MP from California, and Brad Schneider from Illinois are showing their approval of the latest Senate bill, according to a report by SCMP. Together with 30 other members, both have joined the Transatlantic Telecommunications Security Act.

It gives the US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) special powers to review projects from Central and Eastern Europe, including regions such as Austria, Greece, Ukraine and Moldova.

The bill states: "The United States has national security and economic interests in assisting Central and Eastern European countries. They will work to improve the security of their communications networks by reducing reliance on covert telecommunications equipment or services, often offered with insatiable financial incentives, and replacing them with secure transmission devices or services. "

The USA has introduced a "rip and replace" policy with which they want to prevent business with the Chinese companies Huawei, ZTE and three other companies. Legislation declares Chinese 5G equipment a threat to the nation's security and urges them to replace it.

The US government is calling on its allies to ban Huawei and ZTE infrastructure. However, since the Chinese companies offer the best quality equipment at a relatively low price, other countries with poor financial conditions refused to use products from other suppliers.

Now US legislation has launched the Transatlantic Telecommunication Security Act, which enables investments for European partners. In addition, the latest US mission is specifically targeting Huawei and its European market. And now it is once again urging independent states to forego Chinese infrastructure.

So it seems as if the USA will only calm down when Huawei either only operates in the Chinese market or has to give up completely.


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