Competition for the Switch? Leak shows handheld alternative from Lenovo

Competition for the Switch? Leak shows handheld alternative from Lenovo

The Nintendo Switch took the handheld console market to a whole new level a few years ago. Many other manufacturers have tried during this time to develop competing products that are in the same vein. Lenovo is also working on a promising Android-based device, as a new leak proves.

Lenovo Legion Play: Mysterious Handheld Details Leaked

At the end of the year, Valve will launch its own switch alternative for PC gamers, the Steam Deck, which many fans are eagerly awaiting. But other manufacturers have also recognized the handheld trend and developed the first prototypes, of which only very few saw the light of day.

Lenovo also seems to be working on its own gaming handheld based on Android, as a recent leak proves, which has the first pictures of the handheld and some information:

According to the information gathered, Lenovo seems to have originally planned to announce the Android handheld console as early as MWC 2021 - but the device was nowhere to be found during the fair.

Two analog sticks, Xbox-typical buttons on the right, a Digi-Pad on the left, two shoulder buttons, a volume rocker on the upper edge of the console, two speakers on the lower edge, a home button and a button with the in-house Legion Logo - when designing the handheld, Lenovo was clearly inspired by the products of the competition.

The console is charged via a USB-C port on the lower side, which also has a jack port and a microphone (source: Android Authority).

The new OLED switch will appear in a few days. We'll tell you in the video what has changed with the new handheld console:

Technical details of the handheld also emerged

An official product description of the Lenovo Legion Play was also discovered, which reveals further details of the handheld:

"Lenovo Legion Play is designed for AAA games and is the first Android cloud gaming console. The console allows users to play hundreds of cloud games, stream their game library, or play mobile games. (...) It has a 7-inch 16: 9 FHD display , HDR 10, integrated controllers, two speakers and a 7,000 mAh battery to offer the best gaming experience. Our developer program is open to all game developers. Soon available in selected markets. "

The Android console is therefore primarily intended to be used to stream games via Google Stadia, xCloud, GeForce Now or other services.

However, some information is also missing from the product description. It is not clear which chipset is built into the handheld console, how much RAM and internal memory it has. Since the console is primarily intended for cloud gaming, it can be assumed that there is no high-end hardware in the handheld .

What is also not yet known is the targeted retail price of the Lenovo Legion Play, if the console should appear at all. Finally, Lenovo is also working with NEC on the LaVie Mini - another switch alternative that was officially launched earlier this year. If there is any new information about the Android handheld from Lenovo, we will keep you up to date.


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