Blue increases tariff in the CO2 network: 2 GB extra on the data volume

Blue increases tariff in the CO2 network: 2 GB extra on the data volume

Blau is adapting its "Blau Allnet XL" mobile phone tariff. Interested parties will now receive 10 GB of data volume at no extra charge instead of 8 GB as before. However, this does not apply to all customers - and anyone who opts for the new tariff has to know a few details in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

10 GB for 10 euros in the CO2 network: Blue improves mobile phone tariffs

With the current adjustment of the Allnet XL tariff, the mobile communications discounter Blau is properly increasing the price-performance ratio - permanently. Anyone who opts for the Allnet XL will now receive an additional 2 GB on top of the previous 8 GB data volume. The 24-month runtime version costs 9.99 euros per month (see blue).

The same price is due for four weeks if you prefer the prepaid variant without a term, called Allnet XL Flex (see blue). Then, however, there is a one-time connection fee of 29.99 euros on top. If you book online for 24 months, this does not apply. Important for Flex customers: unused data volume expires.

In return, customers receive an all-network flat rate for telephony and SMS as well as the 10 GB data volume mentioned. Blau informs you that, in the case of the runtime variant, these are still available as high-speed volumes for 24 months. Afterwards, the download speed of 25 Mbit / s is throttled to 64 Kbit / s as soon as 5 GB are reached .

You are on the O2 LTE network with Blau, 5G is not planned. The offer is explicitly aimed at new customers, so tariffs that have already been booked will not be increased. Existing customers who want to book a second card can also benefit from the new conditions. You can find more cheap cell phone tariffs in our overview.

Surprise on the bill: blue shows the "wrong" monthly price

If you opt for the Blau Allnet XL, you still have to consider a few things: With a minimum term of 24 months, there is a price increase in the 25th month. From then on, 14.99 per month are due. The price of the flex version rises to 16.99 euros after two years.

An inexpensive smartphone should not be missing at a low tariff - we have summarized the best in the video :

For customers with a fixed-term contract, a glance at the monthly billing can initially cause horror: Blue informs you that "for technical reasons" a monthly price of 29.99 euros is shown . However, this will be adjusted in the respective invoice with a monthly credit of 20 euros in the first 24 months.


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