Apple speaks plain language: Android is really that insecure

Apple speaks plain language: Android is really that insecure

The legendary duel between Android and iOS is entering a new round. Apple has commented on security on the competing platform and finds clear words. However, the US company does not act entirely without ulterior motives.

For more than 10 years, Android and iOS have been fighting for supremacy in the cellular world. Even if the two have converged in recent years and there are hardly any exclusive features worth mentioning, a fundamental difference remains: Android is open, iOS, on the other hand, is closed. This contrast is also noticeable in the security of the respective systems, claims Apple.

Android users are more likely to be victims of malware - says Apple

In a new document, the iPhone manufacturer compares the security of the platforms and comes to the conclusion that Android is clearly ours. In the past four years there have been malware infections on Android devices that were between 15 to 47 times higher than on an iPhone (source: Apple)

Such security risks would also cost companies hard cash, according to Apple. On average, a malware-infected mobile device causes costs of almost 10,000 US dollars (the equivalent of around 8,614 euros) , Apple calculates.

According to Apple, the fact that iPhones are more secure is primarily due to the closed ecosystem. In contrast to Android, where users can install apps directly on their smartphone or tablet (so-called sideloading) or use third-party app stores, there is no way to go to the app store on the iPhone . That is safer and would protect users and their data better, argues Apple.

How to set up Android and your Google account, we show in the video :

Regulators want to break the app store monopoly

Apple's arguments cannot be completely dismissed. In fact, inexperienced Android users in particular are likely to get most of the malware onto their smartphones or tablets via sideloading and dubious third-party app stores.

However, Apple's statements should not be unselfish either. The electronics company has come into the crosshairs of many regulatory authorities who want to break the app store monopoly. They are probably the real addressee of this document .


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