Apple s secret bestseller: New versions on the way

Apple s secret bestseller: New versions on the way

New MacBook Pro, 3rd generation AirPods ... was there anything else? Oh yes, the HomePod mini will soon be getting a new coat of paint from Apple. But when can we actually buy the new versions of the secret bestseller?

For a long time no one believed in the success of the HomePod - not even Apple. The original and expensive model has long since disappeared from the portfolio. Instead, the iPhone manufacturer tried a smaller and much cheaper edition. Lo and behold : The HomePod mini became a secret bestseller. Not surprising at a price of just under 100 euros (see Saturn). Rarely has an Apple product been so inexpensive.

HomePod mini: Release date for Apple's bestseller in new colors

At the last Apple event, Apple announced not only the new MacBooks and AirPods 3 but also new versions of the HomePod mini . Apart from the well-known version in white and space gray, the small speaker will soon be available in blue, yellow and orange - suitable for every mood and of course also for the children's room. Apple is serious and would really like to see a HomePod mini in every room. So far, the only thing about availability was succinctly: "Available from November." But when exactly?

A current report now promises the start of orders for the new colors of the HomePod mini on Monday, November 1st, 2021 (source: Appletrack). This should apply at least to the USA and other markets such as Canada, Australia and Co. There is still confusion about availability in Europe. There are reports from England and other countries that, after Apple, promises availability in this country only for the end of November (source: MacRumors).

HomePod mini explains in the video :

We cannot really confirm this for Germany, because November is still generally mentioned on the product page of the HomePod mini, without restriction. And in Apple's store app it says "Coming soon" with the subsequent notification option.

The gift idea

Ergo: We should keep an eye on Monday and hope that Apple and authorized dealers in this country will open up the possibility of ordering. After all, the colored HomePod mini should also be the ideal gift idea for Christmas for many people. You should secure your copy as early as possible.


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