Amazon tricked: The lousy scam of blocked sellers

Amazon tricked: The lousy scam of blocked sellers

So much audacity is rare: After Amazon blocked a number of well-known retailers, they are now returning - with the help of a dubious trick. The lousy scam also throws a spotlight on Amazon itself.

In July of this year, Amazon pulled the rip cord: After it became public that several well-known retailers had manipulated their product ratings, Amazon took action and blocked the seller accounts. In the meantime, thousands of other dealers have been referred from the platform.

Brands such as TaoTronics, Ravpower and Aukey, which had made a name for themselves primarily for cheap smartphone accessories, were affected. Some of the dealers have now returned (source: The Verge).

Blocked Amazon dealers simply rename themselves

In order to bypass the Amazon block, the retailers have simply renamed their brands . The company Sunvalley, to which the brands Ravpower, Vava and TaoTronics belong, has apparently been particularly bold. So Ravpower simply became Rav, Vava became Vav and TaoTronics celebrated a comeback as Taotronic.

Aukey was also kicked out by Amazon and tried to bypass the ban by renaming. At least they were a bit more creative there and used the name "Key Series" and created a new brand called "Privix".

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It took Amazon two weeks to lock the sellers

What is explosive is that Amazon itself did not discover the cheating with the renaming . The online retailer first had to be made aware of this through research by The Verge and then it took a full two weeks to block the new seller accounts. So Amazon still has some homework to do and to increase its security standards so that such cheating doesn't happen so easily in the future.

The majority of these retailers are reliant on sales on Amazon for better or for worse - so it should not have been the last attempt to smuggle their way back into Amazon.


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