10 tricks to get the most out of your Xiaomi camera

The MIUI Camera application, present in practically all Xiaomi devices, offers a wide range of useful functions to improve the photographic experience . From handy shortcuts, convenient settings, or even customization options.

In view of this, below we have compiled a total of 10 tricks to get better photographs with your Xiaomi camera and improve the experience of using it. And do not forget, if you know any more, comment on it in the comment box that you will find at the end of the article.

1. Configure the volume buttons

MIUI's camera hides many options that can make it easier to capture a photo. One of these is the ability to use the physical volume buttons to operate the camera interface .

Set volume buttons

Enter the camera and click on the icon with the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner. Then press the Settings button. Scroll until you find the section on " Volume button actions ."

This section opens a drop-down menu where you can select to set what action you want the volume buttons to perform. Options include: Shutter or shutter , countdown , zoom , or leave to raise or lower the volume.

2. Customize the watermark with text or emojis

Many MIUI users don't like Xiaomi's default watermark. For the same reason they decide to remove it. However, if you are not satisfied, the MIUI camera gives you the option to customize it to your liking .

Customize the watermark

To do this, you just have to enter Settings and, in the Modes section, enter the Watermark section. Once inside, select " Custom Watermark ." From this point on, you can add symbols, emojis and a personal signature to give your photographs a distinctive stamp.

3. Use the camera to read QR codes

MIUI has a pre-installed QR scanner app. Similarly, you can access the scanner from the Control Center. However, there is a third input method that not everyone knows: you can also read QR codes with the Camera app .

Read QR codes with the camera

Enter the Settings section and slide until you find the option " Scan QR codes ." In this way, you will only have to enter the camera the next time you want to access the information contained in a QR code.

4. Record 15-second videos from Photo mode

Many times we want to capture on video an event that happens quickly before our eyes. In these cases, it is very common that it takes time to open the camera and then access the video function .

However, MIUI offers you an extremely profitable alternative. By simply holding down the shutter , the camera will start recording a short 15-second video.

Record short 15-second videos

The MIUI camera has a short video mode. Although with this little trick it is no longer necessary to toggle the mode to capture a video.

Just hold down the camera shutter and wait a few seconds for it to start recording . At the top there is a timer that tells you how many seconds are left in the recording.

5. Customize the colors and sound of the camera

MIUI is widely known for offering multiple customization options. Of course, the Camera app is no exception, allowing you to customize the colors, sound, layout of the functions, and camera modes .

The process is quite quick and easy. The first thing you should do is enter Settings and then, in the General Settings section, click on Customize .

Customize the colors and sounds of the camera

In this menu you can select which functions you want to appear on the camera's home screen, how you want to organize the modes, customize the colors of the app, and choose a different shutter sound .

6. Make the most of Pro mode

Whether due to ignorance or lack of practice, many prefer not to touch the parameters of the Pro mode in the MIUI camera. However, experimenting little by little with the functions of this mode opens the doors to better photographs .

Take advantage of Pro Mode

Don't be afraid to use the Pro mode and start managing white balance, focus, exposure, ISO, and more . Also, use the rest of the professional functions that this mode offers to make your photos more and more incredible.

7. Activate HDR

HDR refers to the high dynamic range between the brightest items and those that are darkest. Typically some devices have the feature in automatic mode by default, while others have it disabled.

The truth is that on many occasions, when capturing a photo, HDR is not activated despite being on automatic .

Activate HDR

For this reason, it may happen that the image in question is burned out if there is a lot of lighting. To avoid this situation, it is best to manually activate the HDR . In this way you will achieve better results when photographing an environment with a lot of light.

8. Use the palm of your hand to take pictures

Taking a selfie is customary. Many, if not all, people do or have ever done it. If you have, you will know that in certain scenarios it is sometimes difficult to press the shutter, such as taking a portrait with a natural landscape in the background or in a group photo .

The developers of the MIUI camera have thought about that, and they offer us an alternative that not many know about and is extremely functional. It's about taking the picture with the palm of your hand .

Take pictures with the palm of your hand

Enter the front camera and then click on the icon with the three horizontal bars . Next, press the " Palm Grab " button.

When activating this function, you just have to show the palm of your hand to the camera so that it starts a countdown that takes the picture automatically. It's that simple you can take your selfies from now on.

As additional information, from the Settings menu, you can also configure the camera to take a photo when you place your finger on the fingerprint sensor .

9. Forget AI

Another function that is usually activated in automatic mode is artificial intelligence. What the AI ​​does is provide a filter that adapts to the type of photography , be it text, food, nature, animals, portrait or others.

Forget about AI

However, in many cases the results are not as good as would be expected, since the images come out with oversaturation and it makes them less natural . For this reason, when taking a photo, it is best to disable the AI to capture photos as natural as possible.

10. Organize your favorite camera modes

The MIUI 12 update introduced a new panel in which you can organize your preferred camera modes. Through this menu you can order, hide or show the different modes offered by the application.

Organize your favorite modes

To start editing the modes panel, open the camera and slide the bottom bar to the left until you find the option " More ." At this point, the different modes you have available appear and also the " Edit " button.

If you want quick access to a specific mode, just drag it to the "Home screen " section. Similarly, from the Settings menu, enter " Customize " and then " Camera modes " to choose how you prefer the additional functions to be displayed: as a tab or as a detachable panel .

The entry 10 tricks to get the most out of your Xiaomi camera was first published on xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website .


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