Xiaomi tests MIUI Pure Mode

Xiaomi has always paid a lot of attention to MIUI, because it is technically the first and one of the most successful products of this company. With the latest MIUI 12.5 as well as the improved version 12.5 which was later released for international devices, everything is going great. The launch of MIUI 13 is also imminent. Xiaomi has also recently invested in a theme called the Pioneer Team , which is specifically tasked with gathering and addressing MIUI user feedback. One of the best ways to release potential MIUI features in the future is through beta channels, especially features that are in beta testing. One of the newest features that has caught a lot of attention is called MIUI Pure Mode.

This feature is intended to address security concerns associated with malicious Android applications. According to Xiaomi, if about 40 percent of the programs installed using the default MIUI installer have not passed the company's own security audit, and about 10 percent are sometimes identified as a security risk by the mentioned audits. Pure Mode intends to fix this problem by disabling side-loading of APKs by default, as well as disabling background installation without the user's consent.

Do not worry though, as Xiaomi emphasizes that this feature is just a part of the settings that any user can disable or enable if they wish. Beta programs for Pure Mode are currently being developed in China, and test packs have been approved for 1,000 devices since September 6, and beta testers will be distributed for 5 days, which seems to be a relatively small beta test.

There is no word on what Xiaomi is currently planning to do with this feature, and it is unclear whether it will be available as part of MIUI 13 in the future, or even outside of China.

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