Xiaomi is investing in Motorcomm, a chip maker for cars

Earlier this year, Xiaomi announced its launch in the smart electric vehicle industry and even unveiled its significant investment plans for the next decade. Since then, the company has invested in the industry and bought various companies related to the automotive industry, the latest investment being Motorcomm.

This is another investment that Xiaomi has made in car related companies. The company has invested in Motorcomm through the Hubei Xiaomi Yangtze River Industrial Fund. It should be noted that Motorcomm is working on research and development of the main communication chips found in cars. The company was founded in 2017 and its business scope includes technology development, industrial automation, automotive, consulting and other technical services.

It is worth noting that Wang Xiang, President of Xiaomi, recently stated in an interview (via ITHome) that the company has begun in-depth research and development of key and core technology of smart electric vehicles. In other words, this investment can be very important because the main communication chips are an important aspect for vehicles, especially for smart cars. Recently, there was a report about the acquisition of DeepMotion startup by Xiaomi , a startup based on independent driving technology for $ 77.4 million.

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