Xiaomi introduces smart glasses: this is what the future of smartphones looks like

Xiaomi introduces smart glasses: this is what the future of smartphones looks like

What does the technology world of tomorrow look like? Xiaomi has now given an answer and presented its Smart Glasses. The smart glasses can take over many functions of modern smartphones. However, Xiaomi is hiding two important details.

With the original iPhone, Apple started a technology revolution that is still going on. It is not yet possible to estimate whether Xiaomi's smart glasses will have a similar effect. The high-tech glasses are definitely impressive.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses: Smart glasses should show the future

Weighing in at just 51 grams, they lie lightly on the nose and at first glance they can hardly be distinguished from normal glasses - a big advantage over tests by other manufacturers, think of Google Glasses, for example. The Xiaomi glasses should show a "glimpse into a progressive future", announces the company. The Xiaomi Smart Glasses can be seen in this video:

Xiaomi deliberately limits itself in terms of the range of functions, after all, the glasses should fit seamlessly into the everyday life of the wearer. The smart glasses should offer a total of four core features:

Notifications calls navigation translation

Xiaomi appeases that only the most important notifications will be let through . This includes messages from favorite contacts. The aim is to prevent those who wear glasses from being overwhelmed by unnecessary notifications from various apps. An artificial intelligence acts as a doorman and should decide which notification gets through and which not.

Using the integrated 5 MP camera, text can be translated directly from the captured images . Commendable: A small light on the glasses frame indicates that the camera is switched on. Here Xiaomi is also thinking of protecting the privacy of the other person.

People wearing Xiaomi glasses can also navigate. Among other things, the smart glasses should show streets and turning signs on the monochrome MicroLED display . Android and a quad-core processor serve as the technical basis.

Xiaomi glasses: price and market launch still unknown

As impressive as Xiaomi's smart glasses are, the manufacturer has not yet revealed when the smart glasses will be on the market and at what price . Those interested have to be patient until Xiaomi publishes further details.


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