Xiaomi has funded the mijia Smart Multifunction Pot

The Xiaomi mijia brand has often hosted a number of innovative home appliances. The Chinese tech giant has now launched the 1.5L multifunction cookware mijia. The product is currently available for financing at the Xiaomi Center and is priced at 169 yuan (US $ 26) during the period, but will then be sold at 199 yuan (US $ 30).

Mijia smart pot has a power of 1000W and can be heated quickly to be able to effectively increase the cooking speed. The company claims that it only takes 6 minutes for 1 liter of water in this pot to heat up to boiling point. In addition, it supports 9 levels of firepower that can meet different cooking needs. It also has a low power mode in which the device operates in the power range of 300W-800W.

The Mijia 1.5L multi-purpose pot supports steaming, brewing and boiling, and users have access to 50 popular recipes through the Mijia app. Each recipe has a custom optimal heating curve. All the user has to do is select the desired recipe and add the necessary ingredients, then the smart pot will automatically adjust the heat until the food is cooked. The Mijia app can also be used to remotely control the device.

In terms of design, the mijia Smart Pot uses a convenient split structure. It is a pot when it is on, but it can be used as a bowl when it is off. This device has a handle equipped with an OLED screen. It also has a protection against very high temperatures and the inside of the bowl is non-stick. In fact, it is produced using 304 stainless steel with a degree of contact with food.

The mijia 1.5-liter smart pot is expected to go on sale in China from September 15. Unfortunately, Xiaomi has not been very consistent in supplying such products outside of China. Therefore, it is unclear whether this product will be available outside of China soon.

Xiaomi has funded the Mijia Smart Multifunction Pot for the first time at the Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


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