Xiaomi enters the electric car business

Xiaomi has officially announced the registration of its new company, Xiaomi EV Inc., and as its name implies, will compete in the electric vehicle market. The news came shortly after the acquisition of DeepMotion , a company that works on automotive technologies.

Xiaomi seems to be serious about this, as its initial investment was around $ 1.5 billion and it has hired more than 300 new employees so far. The company plans to add another $ 1.5 billion to the bill over the next ten years.

However, the Chinese tech giant has not released much information about its new EV arm, so we really do not know whether we should expect a full-fledged EV in the future or whether Xiaomi will only provide hardware and software solutions for major automakers. Will focus.

Xiaomi enters the electric car business for the first time at the Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


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