Windows 11: Reason for delay of Android apps found

Windows 11: Reason for delay of Android apps found

Windows 11 is basically just around the corner. Microsoft will release the new operating system at the beginning of October. Actually, Android should also be supported. Then suddenly back down. Android will follow later. Now we probably also know why there is this delay.

Windows 11: Android apps with poor performance

Microsoft recently confirmed that support for Android apps via the Amazon app store will not be integrated into Windows 11 until later. This means that Android apps under Windows 11 cannot be used directly on October 5th. It is not known exactly when the update with the support will follow. Microsoft still has some work to do. As it has now become known, the performance of the Android apps under Windows 11 is simply not yet good enough (source: Notebookcheck).

According to the latest information, the performance should be moderate even on high-end hardware in benchmarks. Even now quite old ARM processors are faster than a PC with an Intel Core i7-12700, which can use at least 20 threads. The performance of Android apps should actually be quite good there. But it doesn't. The Android emulation via Intel Bridge Technology is massively inferior to the version from Apple on the M1 with iOS apps.

So Microsoft has probably taken a little more time to fix the performance problems of Android apps under Windows 11. It is currently not known when exactly the function will be integrated. As soon as something happens in the Insider Program, you will be able to estimate the schedule a little better.

In the video we show you all the new features of Windows 11:

Windows 11 as a free update from Windows 10

The fact that Android apps are not directly supported at the start of Windows 11 may be a bit of a disappointment, but more importantly, the upgrades from Windows 10 to Windows 11 run smoothly. It starts on October 5th. Microsoft will then activate the upgrades for existing Windows 10 PCs bit by bit. The entire upgrade process is expected to be completed by mid-2022 . So it could take a while before you get offered the free update.


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