Vivo is giving away RAM: New software makes cell phones faster

Vivo is giving away RAM: New software makes cell phones faster

Owners of a new Vivo cell phone can look forward to the fact that the Chinese manufacturer will shortly be distributing a software update that will make smartphones faster and smoother. The virtual RAM expansion is planned for four models.

Vivo: "Extended RAM 2.0" for four cell phones

Chinese producers such as Oppo and Vivo have been working for a long time on a virtual expansion of the working memory , which should make smartphones faster. After initial attempts by the manufacturer, Vivo is now planning to distribute another software update with which "Extended RAM 2.0" lands on some smartphones. The main memory is to be expanded by up to 4 GB. With Oppo it is up to 7 GB.

Specifically, it is about the Vivo X60 Pro, V21, Y72 and Y52 phones , all of which came on the market in 2021 and some of them already have the RAM expansion. The Vivo X60 Pro, V21, Y72 can now be expanded by 4 GB instead of 3 GB, while the Vivo Y52 is only now making its debut. The update should be distributed in September 2021.

Vivo expects the technology to provide a smoother and faster user experience . Annoying jerks should no longer occur this way. In particular, if there are many apps in the main memory at the same time, the virtual extension should make sense. As long as there is sufficient permanent memory available, the "Extended RAM 2.0" is activated automatically.

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Virtual RAM: More than just window dressing?

Whether the additional, purely virtual RAM really makes a difference in everyday life is doubtful, especially with well-equipped mobile phones. With weaker smartphones, however, the technology can actually lead to the cell phone working faster under load.

But it is also certain that the manufacturers can use the measure well in marketing. Whether it is physical or virtual RAM can be suppressed in advertising - as the example of the Realme GT Master Edition shows.


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