The new Xiaomi CIVI will not have a charger in its box

On September 27, Xiaomi will unveil its next smartphone for all those who are looking for a terminal designed for photography and social networks. We are talking about the Xiaomi CIVI , which apparently will not bring its own charger in the box .

Although, at the moment we do not know practically any official details about the characteristics of the new Xiaomi CIVI, one of the last images that has been leaked makes us see how its box will be thinner than that of other devices , thus avoiding that in its inside can fit a charger.

As with the Xiaomi Mi 11 in its variant for China or the Redmi K40 , the charger will not be included in the Xiaomi CIVI box . Of course, Xiaomi will probably end it by giving away or even manufacturing some other variant with a larger box than if it allows to acquire the terminal together with its official charger.

El nuevo Xiaomi CIVI no traerá cargador en su caja. Noticias Xiaomi A
Xiaomi CIVI box

Remember that these measures are usually given in order to reduce the amount of plastic and thus contribute to caring for the environment . We cannot deny that there are many of us who usually accumulate all kinds of chargers at home, this being a perfect opportunity to use them.

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