Telekom stamps e-mail service: solution for customers not yet in sight

Telekom stamps e-mail service: solution for customers not yet in sight

Telekom customers are currently receiving mail that causes concern: The telecommunications group will discontinue the De-Mail email service. All email accounts will be deleted next summer. How things will continue for users is unclear.

Telekom discontinues De-Mail: offer flopped colossally

Telekom has begun the swan song for De-Mail. In almost exactly one year, the end of the e-mail service is to come at the end of August 2022, which has been bringing citizens and state administration closer together for ten years. A track record can not be drawn, the Telekom gets out after millions of losses.

Business customers are currently being informed about the end of De-Mail. In addition to e-mail, also traditionally by post, because Telekom assumes that De-Mail customers cannot be reached via the e-mail service. Hardly anyone should use the offer anymore, they say (source: Der Spiegel).

But not only company accounts or the authorities are affected, which theoretically should have been available via De-Mail since the service was introduced by law. According to Telekom, the number of private customers should be in the six digits. Private individuals will also be informed in September.

Originally, De-Mail was supposed to make official mail and visits to the office superfluous, through secure communication via digital channels, traceable and secured by law. The offer was even free of charge for Telekom customers. Ten years later, the end may be heralded. The failure of the German government's prestige project on digitization will be more likely without Telekom.

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What should Telekom customers do now?

But the time has not come yet. Because in addition to Telekom, the popular mail portals GMX and WEB of United Internet AG continue to offer De-Mail. According to Spiegel, there should also be negotiations about seamlessly taking over the Telekom customers. But nothing has been decided yet.

In the absence of an agreement, the Telekom plan, which is explained in the letter of termination, applies. After the official shutdown, customers still have three months to secure their files and correspondence in another way. After the deadline, Telekom will discontinue the De-Mail service, the servers will then no longer be accessible and the files will be irretrievably deleted. The few customers who fear this date have to take action themselves beforehand.


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