Telegram: Version 8.0 brings a function that WhatsApp probably never implements

Telegram: Version 8.0 brings a function that WhatsApp probably never implements

Recently WhatsApp was often in the headlines, now Telegram is the focus. For the eighth birthday of the messenger, version 8.0 was released and many new functions will be introduced there. Telegram is taking a completely different path compared to WhatsApp.

Telegram abolishes restrictions

While WhatsApp introduces more and more restrictions, wants to get rid of false information and strengthens data protection, Telegram is taking a completely opposite path with version 8.0. For example, when forwarding messages, a lot of information can now be removed before the message is sent. The customization options even go so far that you can remove the sender name so that the recipient no longer knows which source the message came from. Labels from media content such as photos can also be removed. In the preview window you can see what the result will look like before sending the message.

With live streams, Telegram also offers a function that does not exist in WhatsApp and probably never will. In version 8.0 the limit for viewers has been lifted . So you can now have an unlimited number of viewers via Telegram. Entire events can be streamed via the messenger and everyone can watch. The limit has not only been lifted for live streams, but also for group calls.

Otherwise, Telegram has introduced many more functions in Version. You could now switch between the channels much easier, have more options with stickers and get unread comments better displayed. The new version is already available as an update for iOS . Telegram users on Android still have to be patient. The new version is currently being checked in the Play Store and should be available for download soon.

In the video we show you the best Android alternatives:

Telegram downloaded over a billion times

Just yesterday we reported that Telegram was one of the very few apps to be downloaded over a billion times. This makes Messenger one of the most important apps in the world and WhatsApp is getting closer and closer.


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