Samsung Galaxy S21: Android 12 beta for download - that changes with One UI 4.0

Samsung Galaxy S21: Android 12 beta for download - that changes with One UI 4.0

With a slight delay, Samsung has just released the Android 12 beta with One UI 4.0 for the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra. Samsung reveals for the first time how big the innovations will be compared to Android 11 and how the Material-You-Design will be implemented by Google.

Samsung Galaxy S21: First Android 12 Beta is here

The wait is over - at least in the US and South Korea. The first beta version of Android 12 for users of the Galaxy S21, S21 Plus and S21 Ultra will be distributed there with immediate effect (source: Samsung). It's the first version to include One UI 4.0, showing how Samsung interprets Google's big design update in Android 12. Samsung smartphones have always been customizable, and Android 12 extends this option:

With One UI 4.0, you will be able to customize your Samsung smartphone even more than was previously possible. You can adapt the start screen, the app icons, background images, notifications and much more to your own needs. Samsung has also heavily adapted the widgets in order to be able to design them even more individually and to make them easier to use. There are also more emojis and data protection has been strengthened. For example, you can not only see which apps you have given permissions for the last 24 hours, but also for the last 7 days.

Android 12 with One UI 4.0 brings a lot more

But that was only what Samsung writes on the official blog. A user on Twitter has published the entire changelog (view it on Twitter). There you can see that Samsung has introduced many other innovations.

Samsung therefore still has changes to the start screen, lock screen, always-on display, quick panel, dark mode, effects, the Samsung keyboard, when sharing content, the camera app, gallery app, photo and video -Editor, AR emojis, multitasking, settings, digital well-being, clock, calendar, messages and much more optimized or expanded. So there is a lot to discover.

In the video you can see what changes with Android 12:

Android 12 beta for Samsung Galaxy S21 soon also in Germany

So far, the first Android 12 beta for the Galaxy S21 smartphones has only been released in the USA and South Korea. Samsung has already confirmed that the beta will also start in Germany. So it won't be long before you can register for it via the Samsung Members App .


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