Samsung doesn t make it: smartphone hope fizzles out

Samsung doesn t make it: smartphone hope fizzles out

What an exciting back and forth. Even before the Galaxy S22 is presented, a very special smartphone should drive the sales figures of the Galaxy S21 series up again at the end of the year. Nothing will come of that, as an insider reveals.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is probably deleted

Actually, the Galaxy S21 in the Fan Edition should have been introduced months ago and should have been available on the market. As is well known, nothing came of this because the shortage of chips forced Samsung to delay production. It was recently announced that Samsung could actually build very few smartphones that would not even begin to be enough for a market launch. Now the Galaxy S21 FE seems to have been completely discontinued even before it really saw the light of day (source: SamMobile).

Samsung is said to have made this decision based on two factors:

The production of the Galaxy S21 FE should continue to give Samsung a headache. The smartphone should not even begin to be built in the number that Samsung needs for a global market launch. The introduction of the Galaxy S22 is getting closer and closer. Samsung plans to show the next generation of smartphones in December 2021 at the earliest, but in January 2022 at the latest. The Galaxy S21 FE would basically just stand in the way.

Samsung had supposedly already planned an unpacked event for October, at which the Galaxy S21 FE should be presented. This was also canceled accordingly. Experts also assume that a Galaxy S21 FE will also have a negative impact on the production of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 . Since Samsung has been successful with this, the Fan Edition should now make room.

The current generation in the video :

Not a good year for Samsung smartphones

It's not going well at all for Samsung this year. Xiaomi is catching up more and more and is about to replace Samsung as the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. In particular, the company's weak sales figures for the Galaxy S21 are giving the company a headache. The Galaxy S21 FE was actually a beacon of hope . Everything is going to be different now.


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