Oppo integration: OnePlus 10 gets a new operating system

Oppo integration: OnePlus 10 gets a new operating system

OnePlus was integrated into Oppo some time ago and should actually be able to continue there as an independent company with more resources, as it has been doing all along. There is no longer any question of that. OxygenOS is dead, a completely new operating system is coming.

OnePlus 10 gets new Android operating system

This step was foreseeable when OnePlus announced the integration into Oppo. At that time OxygenOS should still exist, but of course it makes absolutely no sense to develop two operating systems if you are a smartphone manufacturer. That is why OnePlus has now announced that the next flagship smartphone will receive a new operating system . This will not appear until 2022. There will be no OnePlus 9T this year.

According to OnePlus, the new operating system should only have advantages. The aim is to combine the best properties of OxygenOS and ColorOS . The combined operating system should work quickly and smoothly, be reliable, have smart and rich functions, but appear clean and light. The latter sounds like a contradiction in terms, but is actually planned as follows:

The company is aware that there are doubts about the implementation. Ultimately, you will only be able to clear this out if the new software is convincing. That can still take some time. After all, the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro were unveiled in March 2021. A OnePlus 10 and OnePlus 10 Pro are still six months away.

In the video you can see the last real OnePlus smartphones:

OnePlus: schedule open to other smartphones

There are still many unanswered questions. For example, when exactly older smartphones will also receive the new operating system. The company still wants to comment on this. Since Android 12 is only to be implemented with the unified operating system, the Android 12 updates are likely to be a few months to a year in coming . OnePlus does not want the entire process to be completed until 2022 and does not provide a schedule.

The combined forces to develop an operating system can be positive, but they don't have to be. OnePlus says that the smartphones will continue to differ from Oppo, but the same technologies will inevitably be used. And with OxygenOS, a unique selling point is no longer available. Personally, I am very skeptical as to whether this can be anything. ColorOS is more like iOS for Android, while OxygenOS does exactly the opposite. It doesn't go together.


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