Mega deal tariff: 20 GB for 13 euros - can be canceled at any time

Mega deal tariff: 20 GB for 13 euros - can be canceled at any time

The mobile communications brand currently has a strong range of mobile phone tariffs in stock: At a price of 12.99 euros per month, there is a whopping 20 GB of data volume and 60 free minutes - without a contract. However, the low price is only valid for a few days. xiaomist has the details.

"Mega Deal" tariff: 20 GB + 60 free minutes for 12.99 euros per month

At the mobile radio discounter you get 20 GB of data for a short time for only 12.99 euros a month . An all-network and SMS flat rate is no longer included at this low price, but only 60 free minutes, SMS costs 19 cents. Those who opt for the option with a 24-month term also save the connection price of 19.99 euros. A really good deal for frequent surfers and those who do not make calls, but chatterboxes should look for a flat rate offer. The "Mega Deal" tariff is only valid until 09/21/2021, 11 a.m.

All important tariff details at a glance:

Provider: Network: o2 20 GB data volume (up to 50 Mbit / s) 60 free minutes of SMS costs 19 cents including EU roaming Can be canceled monthly, 3 months' notice Basic fee per month: 12.99 euros Provision fee : 19.99 Euro (not applicable for a 24 month term) Data automatic: yes (can be deactivated)

With this tariff from you can choose whether you want to have a short term and pay a one-time connection fee of 19.99 euros or save the money and stay with it for 24 months. At a price of just 12.99 euros per month for 20 GB of data volume, you are definitely not doing anything wrong. It is also possible to take the number from the previous provider with you and you will even be reimbursed the costs of 6.82 euros.

20 GB for 12.99 euros: Who is this tariff deal for?

For everyone who needs a lot of LTE data volume as cheaply as possible and does not necessarily want to commit themselves for 24 months. You will have to do without a flat rate for telephony and SMS, but those who mainly use the mobile Internet for text messages or for making calls will not be bothered by it. This offer is also a good choice for tablets or as a second SIM card in a dual SIM smartphone.


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