MacBooks in danger: Apple gives important advice

MacBooks in danger: Apple gives important advice

Anyone who likes and likes to use their MacBook - whether Air or Pro - should now listen to Apple's advice. The manufacturer issued a warning beforehand and is now becoming more specific. However, if you ignore the notice, you risk cracking and damaging the screen.

MacBook Air and MacBook Pro users repeatedly complain in Apple's official support forums about sudden cracks in the display of their mobile computers. Even though Apple is not directly responsible for this, the manufacturer is still forced to warn users accordingly and to adjust this notice again.

Apple's note: keep your eyes open when you close your MacBook

The reason for such damage could be palm rests or keyboard covers that remain on the notebook when it is closed. Too much for the display, because, according to Apple, the distance between the display and the upper case has only been developed with very narrow tolerances - there is no space left. In the updated support document, the manufacturer now warns against the use of so-called camera covers and all other "disruptive elements". (Source: Apple).

We find out what Apple's current generation of MacBook Air has to offer in the following video:

Such camera covers, usually small plastic sliders, are still too thick and can damage the screen of the MacBook Air and Pro. So you should take Apple's warning seriously and not ignore it. Otherwise it will be expensive, because according to the current state of knowledge, Apple does not cover the costs for any repairs to the screen.

Alternative solution to the webcam problem

If you still want to make the MacBook's camera temporarily "unsuitable", you could stick a thin, black insulating tape on it. According to our assessment, Apple does not explicitly mention or recommend this itself, of course. After all, the manufacturer does not assume that the webcam itself could be "hacked" and misused. "Hardware protection" from prying eyes is therefore not necessary.


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