iPhone could be damaged: Apple warns all motorcyclists

iPhone could be damaged: Apple warns all motorcyclists

Motorcyclists should be careful when taking an iPhone with them on a trip. According to Apple, certain frequencies of motorcycles and scooters sometimes cause damage to the iPhone's camera. Apple also has a solution ready.

iPhone: Apple warns motorcyclists

Apple has published a new document on its website in which motorcycle and scooter riders are warned. Anyone who drives a motorcycle and has an iPhone with them at the same time should take the warning to heart in any case. According to Apple, problems sometimes arise with high-performance machines in particular, which become noticeable with a damaged camera .

Apple says there is a problem with the iPhone camera's optical image stabilization (OIS). The autofocus could also be damaged. Magnetic sensors and the gyroscope of iPhones get mixed up with strong vibrations due to overcompensation. Apple has not explained whether only certain iPhones are affected. OIS has been involved since the iPhone 6 Plus.

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The support document specifically states: "As with many consumer electronics devices (...), long-term direct exposure to strong vibrations within certain frequency ranges can impair the performance of these systems and lead to reduced image quality for photos and videos. It is recommended not to expose the iPhone to strong vibrations for a long time. "

Apple recommends that owners of an iPhone not strap it directly onto the motorcycle or scooter while driving. This also applies to the handlebars (source: Apple).

iPhone Warning: More Than Just a Safety Precautions?

It remains unclear why Apple has just now decided to publish the warning. Over the past few years, there have been isolated reports from users that the iPhone camera no longer worked properly after riding a motorcycle.


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